Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Royal Minster Tea Cup and Saucer Set

Hello Everyone and Welcome! 

Don't you just love summer? I do! Even though this year's been a scorcher. I think this is the hottest summer we've had in a long time. The temperature has been 100+ for the last three weeks or so.

Today's tea cup and saucer set is by Royal Minster of England. It features beautiful yellow flowers, a few small white flowers and some lovely, green leaves. I even suffered the heat to take the pictures outside.

This little gal decided to join in on the action. She's been so bored this summer, she needed to get out and have some fun!

They're resting in my neighbor's tree, which sits in between our backyards. When their doggies started barking at me, J came to the back door to see what was going on. I called out, I'm borrowing your tree for a few minutes. Lol... I love when my neighbors catch me doing crazy things!

I love this raised design around the bottom of the cup. A variation of it can also be found on the saucer.

Below is a close-up of the flowers on the backside of the tea cup.

Here's the bottom of the tea cup with the Royal Minster mark.

For other great tea cup and saucer sets, please visit Terri at Artful Affirmations and Martha at Martha's Favorites.

I'm also linking up to Antiques and Teacups for Tuesday Cuppa Tea.
Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting!


Brenda said...

I love your beautiful tea set! The big daisies are so beautiful. They are my favorite flower. I didn't really notice the foot until I came upon your other picture. SO, SO LOVELY! The Royal Minister is a treasure. The little gal looks beautiful in the tea cup. Your photos are wonderful.
Thanks for the lovely tea time.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

That's a very pretty teacup, Michelle! Thank you for stopping by for my Anne tea. You are more than welcome to link up with me if you wish. Would love to have you. Enjoy your week.


Martha's Favorites said...

Love this tea cup! Yellow daisies remind me of my sister-in-law and always make me smile. I am so happy you joined our party this week. I hope you have a good week. Blessings, Martha

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Hello Michelle! Very nice teacup and saucer! and that little doll....oh! so cute!
Enjoy your summer, I love it but it's very cold here now.
Thanks for your visit!
Besos from Argentina, Silvina

Donna Heber said...

Hi Michelle,

Your Royal Minster teacup is gorgeous! So bright and cheery with those yellow flowers. Our summer has been warm, but not like yours! Have a great day!

Lynn Perkins said...
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Maria Andrade said...

Hi Michelle,
I left a comment yesterday, but I don't know what happened, it didn't show up.
I loved your Royal Minster cup and saucer.
Thanks for sharing.

Antiques And Teacups said...

What a lovely teacup! I don't know why there aren't more yellow florals around...they are so sunny. Perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Terri said...

This is a sweet cup! I always love a yellow rose cup, and yours has such style. The shape is unique and the detail of raised design really adds to the cups beauty.
Your must live near me...it has been over 100 for a while. Today though, we have rain and a lower temp. Yay!
(btw, the comment before was from me...using someone else's computer! So I redid it so you would know it was me. Lol!)

Princesa Nadie said...

A very funny post and a pretty tea cup!