Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goodies in the mail!

I love snail mail. I love to watch the postman place letters and such inside my mailbox. I don't have the words to tell you how happy it makes me to receive sweet little packages or magazines or holiday/birthday cards or even just an old-fashioned letter in the mail. So I wanted to take a minute or two and blog about all the great things I've received these past few months from some great bloggers.

First up, from Wendy at Bliss Angels, is this lovely wall hanging and tag. Please click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

This little girl is just precious! And I love the material and the flowers that were chosen to go with this print.

Check out the little paper crown pictured below.... It's so perfectly cut out that I can't help but think of tiny little scissors and lots & lots of patience!

Next is this lovely journal book cover. I adore this patchwork design with the different colored squares. This is from Jenxo and here is a link to her lovely blog. She was wonderful enough to include a journal book with the cover. And the best thing is that the cover can be removed and placed on the next book!

This is a lovely, lovely print, titled "Guard Your Heart", I received from Cindy at 12 Tribes. Around the woman's arms, it says: "Watch over your heart with diligence for from it flows the springs of life..."

Here is a close up of the heart she holds.

From Jennifer, at Jewelry by Jennifer Pride, I received these beautiful earrings. The colors of the glass beads are amber, purple and blue. The beads are translucent and just gorgeous!

Here is a simply wonderful mixed-media, wall hanging from Anna at Cottage 6 Studio. I love vintage photographs. The different papers chosen for this wall hanging are mixed together just right.

Anna has placed typed words to read: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Look at this beautiful heart from Janine at Jeany's Brunnen. There's an embroidered flower on either side of the heart. And the roses are raised as if they were blooming straight from the heart.

She also sent me the most divine card. It's so beautiful! I haven't made any cards these last couple of years, but now I'm completely inspired.

And I also received this sweet little book from Cheryl at In My Workroom. This book is handmade with a cloth binding. It's the perfect size to fit inside my purse!

The blank pages are all ready for my pen to begin its magic!

Here is my "Lucky Dip" package from Lisa Sarsfield. Can you see all the goodies? Lisa included a book page, cutout words, paper, vintage birds and lots of other wonderful ephemera.

OK... so I didn't get her in the mail, but everytime I spread anything out to be photographed, Ali Cat has to get in on the action:)

Thank you all so much Wendy, Jen, Cindy, Cheryl, Janine, Lisa, Jennifer and Anna!


Maggi said...

Oh my, you've gotten some major happy mail lately! I love it all!

Jenxo said...

what a beautiful lot of mail youve recieved.....
im so glad you love your journal , thanks for letting me know you were posting......the blogging world is so generous....

Janine said...

Hi Michelle, what great things the mailman brought to you, they are all very delicate made. I love the book below my heart ☺ Thank you for your kind words here en for letting me know about this entrance. have a great weekend, best wishes from janine

SilverNikNats said...

A lady after my own heart (I love getting post) ....

Cindy said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your piece and it is fun to see it with all your other is inspiring me to get something with fabric + paper made! And Ali Cat (such a clever name) is so cute - what a character!


laxsupermom said...

Wow! You've received some amazing things! Love that journal book cover. I like to keep a journal in my purse to jot ideas down that might be otherwise fleeting. What a pretty book to pull out on those occasions! Love that print, too! Can't wait to see how you display it. Thanks for sharing.