Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Italian Vogue

I love Vogue magazine, in fact, I'm really quite addicted. I've had a subscription on and off since I was about 15 years old to American Vogue. Recently, though, I've found myself straying.

That's right, I've imagined my way across the ocean and have discovered Italian Vogue!!! It's soooo Bellissima!!!

The best thing about Italian Vogue, besides all the incredible photography,

is that you get extra little mags... such as Accessories, Grand Couture, Casa Vogue and the season's latest runway mag.

These next two pictures are from Casa Vogue, Fall 2010.

I'd love to live in an Italian villa... and have a big enough pond that I could float in all day in a swanlike boat...

Or maybe I could just live in an Italian Vogue layout... and encase my body in layers of lace and silk and tulle and feathers... dressed in Marie Antoinette-esqe type clothing... and oh my! don't forget the ruffles... lots and lots and lots of ruffles!!!

Grand Couture... a small sampling from this extra magazine that's packaged every so often with the regular issue.

"A dreamy touch" Lacey dresses for... the outdoor swing... picnics...

walks in the woods... daydreams... romantic repartee...

The incomparable Christy Turlington:

I love the advertisements as well. Check out the camisole on this model. It's metal shaped circles.

And I adore this feathered dress from Chanel. Though if I did have the money for this dress, I'd probably spend it on something else such as another trip to Europe.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my Vogue obsession!


Gina said...

When I was younger, I, too, was addicted to Vogue. I never discovered Italian Vogue though. It looks divine! The Italians know how to do it right! ;)

Bellissima Maternity said...

Nice page....thanks for posting!