Monday, January 24, 2011

My Baby, Ali Cat!

Today, I decided to participate in the Pet Party hosted by Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing.

So, without further ado, here's my girl, Ali Cat. She will be nine years old this May. It's hard to believe that she's been mine for all these years or I guess I should say, I've been hers!

Ali is 2.5 years old here. For Christmas 2005, I decorated a box with wrapping paper and set her inside. It took a lot of "takes" to get any good shots of her in the box. I also had a Santa hat that year for her, but alas, I was unable to get any pictures of her with it on.

During Christmas 2008, Ali got a little curious and as you can see, blended right in with the decorations!

This past Halloween, I attempted to put a witch's hat on Ali. She wasn't in a cooperating kind of mood. Here you can see part of me trying to hold her in place, while my other arm is outstretched, trying to hold the camera steady and get a good picture.

These next few were taken last week. Every morning, the sun pours in through the dining room window. Ali loves to sit in the sunlight, warming her little body.

She's very small and weighs about 8 pounds. Ali's easy to scoop up, but hard to hold onto as she hates not being in control. She's still fully clawed as I didn't have the heart to have her declawed.

Ought-oh, I know this next look. It's "the crazy woman who thinks she owns me is taking my darn picture again" look. Time to skedaddle!

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my baby!


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

She is stunning. I can't get over how petite she is. What a gorgeous coat of black, and that last picture of her in the sun is amazing! I thank you for sharing her with us. Welcome to blogging. I will be having a newbie linkie party next Monday as well.

Donna said...

She looks just like my daughter's sleek and gorgeous! Thanks for popping by to say hi to Scoobie!

Joyce said...

She looks lovely, my cat owns me too

Shelly said...

I love her skedaddle look - ha ha! And the half-closed eyes in the sun -looks soooooo comfortable. :) Eight pounds, such a little thing! Thanks for stopping by!

lvroftiques said...

Awww Ali is so beautiful! You're so lucky she owns you! *winks* There is not a doubt in the world that my cat Jordan owns me...He has everybody in HIS house trained! Lol! Vanna

kristin said...

gorgeous! I had a couple black cats growing up and I have one now. I love all cats but have a thing for the black ones because they are always the ones that are least adopted around here.

Life with L said...

Ali is beautiful. I love the hat look!
I am your newest follower. I would be delighted if you followed me as well. I found you through DebbieDoos