Sunday, October 3, 2010

~I love October~

I love October! There's something magical in the air when it comes to October. The vibrancy of the trees' colors as they change from verdant green to the most fiery reds and oranges imaginable.

And later, the leaves cover the sidewalks and the grass, crunching beneath the feet that dare to trespass across their veined bodies.

Oh! And pumpkins everywhere! I love to decorate my house with pumpkins. This weekend I'll be going out and buying several to place on my front porch. I wish I could grow my own pumpkins! Every year, after we carve the pumpkins, I always think about saving the seeds and planting them in the ground. But, alas, I have yet to do that. Maybe this will be the year! I wonder if they'll grow and if so, how big might they get?

Right now, I'm working on these delicious pumpkins from Russell Stover. Absolutely yummy! Just don't turn it over and read the calories and fat!

Did you see last week's full moon? Gorgeous!

And if you made any wishes on the moon, well, I hope they come true for you!

Thanks for dropping by :)

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