Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yard Sale Finds ~ Barbie Saturday

I love yard sales. You never know what kind of treasure you'll find. Recently, at one of these sales, I discovered tons of Barbies and lots of furniture. Most of the dolls were newer (1990 to 2010). I arrived there in the afternoon, so I'm not sure if older dolls were part of the sale or not.

First, I picked up this Integrity doll. She's the same size as Barbie. I bought her for her dress, which is original to the doll. The doll stand is making the dress bubble a little in front, but the dress hangs straight down with no wrinkles or bubbles.

Then I bought, Xenia, the Warrior Princess. She's missing her round thingey that she likes to throw at the bad guys. I snapped her up just for the fun of it.

The third doll is a regular Teresa doll. I bought her because she's wearing Mexican Barbie's outfit from Barbie's Dolls of the World collection, which I believe, came out in the late 90s. Mattel is currently reissuing, with different outfits, the Dolls of the World.

There were about 4 rubbermaind containers full of Barbie sized furniture. I plopped right down on the ground and went through all the boxes. I bought: two Suzy Goose French Hutches, a Sindy dining room table with 3 Sindy chairs, a Barbie dining room table, Sindy candles and two Barbie fireplaces. The sun was shining through the window when I snapped these pictures, so the Sindy chairs below look as if the seats are different colors, but they are the same.

This fireplace is really hard to find, so I was happy to find two at one time. I found one on Ebay a few years ago. It was being sold with lots of other Barbie pieces that I didn't need, but I bought it all anyway, just to have this fireplace--- yeah, I'm definitely obsessed!

Here's one of the Suzy Goose French Hutches. The bottom drawer opens for extra storage and we all know, Barbie needs all the storage space she can get!

I also purchased a 1970s Barbie house, which I'll share in the next week or two, as it needs a desperate cleaning job.

Thanks for your visit today!


Dena Miller said...

Oh Michelle!!! My heart is simply swooning over your finds!!! I love Barbie's too,,guess I am still a little girl at heart!! Oh and the furniture...that s was really makes me smile!!! I adore it all! You are such a lucky girl to have found that!! I would have bought all that you did I need to go out to some yard sales..thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Carmen said...

Hi, Michelle! I'm glad I found your blog again! What a cool bounty!!! I love the Candi doll - I used to collect those when Integrity was making them in the late 90's. I don't think you every really "grow out" of liking dolls... :-)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Funny, I was just commenting on another post and mentioned Barbies.....coincidence!

GREAT finds.