Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taylor & Kent Tea Cup and Saucer

I've been glued to my TV all morning watching the reports on New York and New Jersey. My thoughts and prayers are with all those people affected by Hurricane Sandy and the super storm it turned into as it hit land. The wind, here in NKY, really picked up last night around 6pm and it's been raining non-stop today. 

Here's one of my favorite tea cups for fall, but the funny thing is the scene on the cup and saucer is summer. However, I like to think it's more like early fall before the leaves start to change. The main reason I like this cup and saucer for fall are the colors.

The tea cup and saucer are both trimmed in gold. The background on the china is cream with a yellowish tint, while only brown is used to depict the scene.

The interior of the cup features a second rim of gold.

The trees are in full bloom on this "Fall" cup and saucer.

Today's tea cup and saucer is bone china and made by Taylor and Kent of England.

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Ruthie Miller said...

A very pretty and unique teacup.
Enjoyed seeing it!
Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Michelle,
I just happened to see your post in my Reader and decided to stop by. LOVE your pretty teacup! I love the brown toile pattern; so very pretty and yes, it's perfect fo Autumn! Thanks so much for sharing and have a safe week.


Terri said...

Oh this is a lovely Taylor and Kent! I have not seen a pattern like it before. I love the coloring and the scenes! You are lucky to have such a great cup!

Karen Mary Butterfly said...


Beth said...

Your teacup is such a pretty pattern. I really love it!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

What a lovely teacup and yes it is perfect for the fall season. I just recently started collecting brown transferware and like to use it during this season, too. Have a good evening and glad you are safe from the storm.

KathyB. said...

This IS a pretty teacup, perfect for fall.I don't come across too many teacups with these colors. Very nice.

Maria Andrade said...

Hi Michelle,
I loved your cup and saucer and I also think it is fit for this season, due to the colours. Beautiful and elegant!
And it must be many years old,judging from the backstamp which I thank you for showing.
Hugs from Portugal

sandy said...

I love your brown and white cup! it DOES look fallish despite the scene.
Have a great weekend!

Princesa Nadie said...

Really beautiful!