Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shelley China~Tea Cup Tuesday

It's time, once again, for Tea Cup Tuesday, hosted by Artful Affirmations.

Today I'd like to share this tea cup and saucer from Shelley China in the Rosebud pattern.

Shelley China is my favorite china to collect. Everytime I go to a flea market, thrift store or yard sale, I always have an eye out for it.

It's so hard to find Shelley China where I live. In the past, I've bought items from Ebay, but the downside is competing against someone else. I have a really bad tendency to get involved in bidding wars which isn't good for my wallet.

I love all the patterns, the delicacy and the craftmanship of each piece.

This particular tea cup and saucer set belonged to my grandmother. Friends and family would gift her tea cup sets for Christmas and her birthday. She used to place tape on the bottoms of the china with the person's name, the occasion and the year. This one is from Christmas, 1962. The writing is fading on the tape, so I'm thinking about photographing all the "tapes"and then tracing over her handwriting.

The saucer and cup are both marked. And I also collect, when I can find them, the Foley and Wileman lines, too. They're the predecessors of Shelley.

Thanks for stopping by! ~Michelle


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love the shape of this cup. How unique!

The French Hutch said...

Beautiful tea cup and saucer. I love roses and the sweet rose patter here is lovely. How nice for you to have this from your grandmother. You have a beautiful blog.

The French Hutch

Ruthie Miller said...

Shelley is the finest and most delicate of bone china and my favorite too. Given the prices, I would say there are a lot of others who think so too.
I just love what your grandmother did with keeping the name and occasion on the bottom. Such a nice little history for you.
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Have a lovely day, Ruthie

Antiques And Teacups said...

Shelley is indeed collectible. I love it...but they are hard to find. I used to buy in England each year and send boxes home but about 2000- that began to change. There are Shelley collecting groups in USA, Australia and England which I am a member of. LOTS of collectors! Rosebud in the Dainty shape is such a lovely pattern.

Terri said...

Hello Michelle,
Your Shelley is beautiful! I love Shelley too, but do not often find one I can afford...Lol! They have some of the most gorgeous patterns!
This one of yours is one of my favorites too, and I do have one similar.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Snap said...

This Shelley teacup is lovely ... the rosebud pattern is so dainty. I love the green handle! Happy Tea Day!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

That is one of my all-time favorite Shelley sets.

You are so lucky to not only have it, but that it was your grandmother's and dated - how extraordinary and special!


Happy Tea Tuesday!

Misty said...

I live in halifax nova scotia canada, my grandmother left me this set, I have 6 cups and saucers, tea pot, coffee pot, sugar and creamer dishes and plates they sit on and also some larger plates and some misc pieces.
Im just waiting for my new kitchen to be done so i can display again:)