Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Days

I love Summer and all the beauty it entails! Thank you, Spring, for giving birth to all the vibrant colors, flowers, and greenery that surround me now on this lovely June day.

So many flowers are blooming right now!

I see beauty everywhere.... even in the overgrown weeds!

One of my neighbors is cutting his very weedy back hill. The sweetness of his just cut weeds is overpowering, mixing with the smell of mowed grass. I can hear the sound of another lawn mower somewhere else on the street. I’m too lazy to get up from my spot, camped out as I am on the back deck, with camera in hand.

I love the contrast of this white cloud next to a dark one. Though there is no expectation of rain today. The clouds move in a constant rush across the sky, on their way, no doubt, to their stormy destination. The moon peeks out, an almond shape, the other part of her still slumbering. Less than a week until she's full, waxing like a hen’s belly full of unlaid eggs.

The clouds have moved, morphing into new shapes on Heaven's playground. Here now, I see a dinosaur, capturing him in mid-air, as he tromps like a king across the tree tops. Fearless in his stride, unknowing of the large bird looming above his head, ready to swoop down!

Now an ocean's view crops up. A sea-horse gallops madly, while nearby a frog swims lazily in the cool water, content in it's space.

I came outside to read, to relax in the hot summer day and to lose myself for an hour or two. Poor books lay untouched on the table, as my imagination has taken flight, soaring with the clouds on this bright summer day.

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