Friday, May 7, 2010

My Second First Post I created this blog back in February, posted once and then, well, time just seemed to slip away from me until it was March, then April and now May. Since that first post really isn't part of me anymore, I deleted it and decided to start fresh.

I've been reading blogs for awhile now, not following, but keeping them on my favorites list and checking them every other day or so. There are so many creative people who blog. Some blogs are just so beautiful, they actually intimidate me a little :)

I love animals of all kind. I currently have two cats.

Here's Pyewacket:

Pyewacket looks so small here, but he's a big boy. He's now about 1.5 years old. I named him after the cat in the Jimmy Stewart movie "Bell, Book and Candle".

Here's my girl Ali Cat:

This was taken at Christmas a couple of years ago. Probably, should've dusted the table first! Ali will be 8 years old this summer. She's my little sunshine!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Michelle! (from Wonderland!)
I was tickled when I read that on your are too cute!

Girl, Welcome to blogland :)

Your blog is very welcoming and I love the layout, it's very refreshing (gotta love that's so clean, crisp and classy!)

I'm so happy you found me and I really REALLY appreciate your sweet comment!!! (I'm smiling)
It's because of wonderful friends like you who stop by and say give me the inspiration to keep on posting and keep it real...but most of all, keep it positive! Blogging is like therapy to me because believe me...NO ONE'S life is perfect, right? Please don't tell me otherwise! hahaha

Please don't be a stranger and please do keep it touch, it was so nice meeting you!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

ps...the cats ~ ooooops ~ I mean fur chilllrrren are precious! :)